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Changing preterm birth diagnostics

We are working hard to modernize the tools that help pregnant women anticipate the risk of a premature birth. 

Our team is born from two of the most recognized institutions in Switzerland, the EPFL and the CHUV.

Photo credit: Alban Kakulya



Women healthcare

The talented engineer

The system developer

Loulia Kassem is a founder of the team. 

In her thesis, Loulia explored the relationship between life style, diet and the level of cardiovascular risk biomarkers in healthy women.

Today, she is focused in biomarkers associated with preterm birth.

She is an advocate of women healthcare. 


The system developer

The talented engineer

The system developer

Erick Garcia-Cordero is a founder of Rea.

Erick obtained his PhD from EPFL in 2018. During his thesis, he worked in the development of a microsystem to analyze sweat in real time.

Today, he is a scientist focused in the integration of all the different technology modules of Rea's smart pad.


The talented engineer

The talented engineer

The talented engineer

Gloria Porro is Rea's micro/nanotechnology engineer. 

Gloria is creating our magic in the cleanrooms of EPFL. 

Her thesis was focused in the development/optimization of Rea's smart pad. 

Without her creativity and analytical mind, Loulia and Erick would be always behind deadlines...

Our main advisors


Prof. Carlotta Guiducci

Prof. Carlotta Guiducci

Prof. Carlotta Guiducci

Head of the Laboratory of Life Sciences in EPFL

Professor Guiducci has been active in the field of miniaturized label-free molecular assays since the beginning of her career. Her early work led to milestones in the field of label-free DNA analytics featuring electrical as well as optical readout.

Her research activities focus on the design and application of electronic biosensors. This work is at the forefront of electronic engineering and bioengineering, and gives her an interesting perspective on this cross-disciplinary research and its possible commercialization

The smart pad concept was conceived in her laboratory. 


Prof. David Baud

Prof. Carlotta Guiducci

Prof. Carlotta Guiducci

Head of the Service of Obstetrics in CHUV

Professor Baud is board certified (FMH) in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and operative Gynaecology. He is in charge of high risk pregnancies in the Department of “Women-Mothers-Children” which include the biggest Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of Switzerland. 

Professor Baud is making sure the smart pad will become an accurate tool to improve preterm birth diagnostics.

He recently launched a campaign to raise research funds for women, pregnant women and babies:


Several obstetricians around the world believe Rea could help their patients

However to comply with the latest European safety regulations, Rea could be available for clinics in 2022.

Our smart pad will go through preclinical studies in the near future in the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland.

In the meantime:

We would like to hear about your pregnancy experience. About your point of view. About a friend that went through this. About how you feel about this technology.

Your testimonies help us to improve a future smart pad experience.